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Say Hello To The World’s Smallest Safety Alarms By Cavius
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In 2004 Glenn Højmoseleft left his design career to become the founder of the Cavius safety alarms company.

Cavius Worlds Smallest Alarms

Glen took the idea of personal safety whilst traveling and followed it though, by himself.

The product was realised combining a smoke detector, motion sensor and attack alarm, the Travel Alarm were born.

Whilst developing the Travel Alarm Glen had the idea to design a small smoke alarm to contrast to the large ugly ones available on in the market.

Cavius Worlds Smallest Alarm compared with a MatchstickNow, with the help of their experienced development team, Cavius develop high quality and reliable alarms stacking battery, electronics, chamber and sounder to make the final products as small as possible.

First seen on the market in 2010 Cavius introduced us to the smallest photoelectric smoke alarm in the world.

Cavius Alarm DesignThe modern Danish design together with the state-of-the-art UK-based R&D team brings you the most innovative safety alarms systems.

Each alarm is inspected by Cavius technicians in a smoke tunnel to check calibration, and every single part is checked in an anechoic testing room for sound output.

We have inspired the world of alarms, protected homes and saved lives

Want to find out more? View the range of Cavius safety alarms at UK Home Safe

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