The Kamado BBQ Grill Experience

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The Kamado grill originated in Japan and is now making a comeback.

(Kamado) is the Japanese kanji for “stove”. It means “a place for a boiling pot”.

The Kamado BBQ Grill Experience

Kamado BBQ grills are a unique option for delicious BBQ meals. They are great for gatherings with friends and family.

Kamado BBQ in Summer

Let see what exactly sets the Kamado grill apart from conventional BBQ grills.

Manufacturers make modern Kamado barbecue grills with an intriguing egg-shaped design. Craftsmen use heat-resistant materials like terracotta ceramics for durability and efficiency.

Modern Kamado BBQ grills have modern finishes making them both attractive and functional. Grills can be coated with glossy glaze, paint, or even a ceramic mosaic.

Kamado BBQ Winter

Overall, outdoor cooking enthusiasts prize Kamado grills for their aesthetics and their ability to produce delicious, flavorful results using a wide range of cooking techniques.

Kamado Limited BBQ Grill

The Kamado Limited 25″ Grill is the largest Kamado grill. It is ideal for restaurants, bars, or parties with 15 or more people. The grill also includes the Kazan pot holder.

Uzbek Kazan

The Kazan pot holder is for holding Kazan pots, the Japanese Cauldron.

Perfect addition to add versatility by adding casseroles, stews and soups to your menu.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Dutch-Oven style cast iron pot also allows for placing embers on its surface to cook food from the top thanks to its special shaped lid. You do not need any special, custom-made tools – this pot has a scratch-proof surface and does not need any care!

Benefits of Kamado Grilling

Kamado grills are fuel-efficient, needing less charcoal. They maintain consistent temperatures, perfect for summer BBQs.

What can you cook with the Kamado 25″ BBQ grill?

#1 Direct Heat Grilling – Throw it on the BBQ!

Meat on skewers, steaks, burgers, chicken wings etc.

#2 Indirect Heat Grill – Grill dishes for longer with indirect heat

Perfect for Chicken, Ham, Chops and all larger dishes

#3 Hot smoking – Use the smoke and heat source to slow cook and infuse flavour

Ideal for Ribs, Cheese or Pulled Pork

#4 Kazon Cauldron or Dutch Ovens

Perfect for adding Casseroles, Stews and Soups to your menu.

Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking with ABGO’s Kamado BBQ Grills

We’re proud to offer a full range of Kamado BBQ grills that exemplify the best in quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Kamado BBQ Grill Range

So, whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue with friends and family, or looking to elevate your culinary creations to new heights, our selection of Kamado grills has got you covered.

From the impressive Kamado Limited 25″ Grill, perfect for large gatherings and professional use, to the versatile accessories like the Kazan potholder and Dutch-Oven style cast iron pot, ABGO provides everything you need to unlock your full Kamado BBQ experience.

Explore our full range of Kamado BBQ grills and take the next steps toward becoming the ultimate outdoor cooking connoisseur.

The perfect Kamado BBQ awaits.

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