Take Back Control with Salus Smart Heating Controls

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Salus Smart Heating Controls

Salus Controls has launched the Salus Quantum thermostat, which allows you to take back control of your heating systems.

Benefit from geolocation and weather compensation for an effective and efficient solution for managing your heating system.

  • Economically control your central heating and underfloor heating behaviour.
  • Geolocation and weather compensation.
  • Effective and efficient solution for smart heating systems management.
  • Quick installation with pre-pared devices (RF versions)
  • Ultra-slim design with an overall depth of just 10mm
  • 5 Year Warranty

Overall, the Salus Quantum promises to be an effective and efficient solution for managing home heating systems, helping homeowners and businesses, save energy and reduce heating costs while maintaining a comfortable environment.

Smartphone Controlled Thermostat – iT500

Salus it500

The application-controlled thermostat by Salus allows users to adjust the heating settings remotely. The app also provides real-time information on energy consumption and usage, allowing users to monitor their heating costs and adjust their use accordingly.

  • Access and control your heating and hot water via the Internet
  • Smartphone, Tablet, and PC Compatible
  • Secure and energy-efficient system
  • Easy to install wireless system
  • Suitable for heating or cooling applications
  • 5 Year Warranty

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Technological advances have made controlling your home and business heating systems easier than ever.

ABGO supplies heating controls that offer cutting-edge solutions for comfort and efficiency.

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