Commercial and Industrial Warm Air Heating

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Combat Warm Air Heating System Components in a Commercial Building

ABGO, a leader in the UK heating products and spares market, is proud to offer the complete range of Warm Air Heating systems from Combat Heating Solutions Ltd.

As the demand for efficient and versatile heating solutions grows, Combat’s advanced Warm Air Heating systems stand out as the ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications.

The Power of Warm Air Heating

Warm Air Heating is a modern and efficient alternative to traditional water heating systems.

Warm air heating systems ensure a consistent and comfortable ambient temperature by drawing in cold air from the environment, heating it via a heat exchanger, and redistributing it back into the space.

Warm air heating enhances heating efficiency and provides a flexible solution for various fuel types, including natural gas, LPG, oil, and biofuels.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Combat’s warm air heating systems meet the diverse needs of commercial applications across various industries.

Warm air systems deliver reliable and economical warmth for agricultural setups, auto body shops, factories, warehouses, or retail centres.

Options for suspended or floor-standing units further enhance their versatility, making them suitable for different space configurations and requirements.

Innovative Product Range

Combat Heating Solutions Ltd offers a range of high-performance products tailored to meet specific heating needs:

Elite Pro Cabinet Heaters:

  • Automatic ignition system
  • High/low burner settings
  • Aluminised steel heat exchanger
  • Horizontal or vertical flue options
  • Supplied with Elite Pro Touch Controller

Combat Elite Pro Touch Controller


Elite Pro Unit Heaters:

  • Natural Gas or LPG options
  • Fully modulating burners
  • Outputs ranging from 30kW to 115kW
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Quiet operation with centrifugal, axial, or no fan options

Combat Eco:

  • High efficiency with outputs from 62kW to 332kW
  • Premix burner for clean combustion
  • Room sealed or open flue options
  • Range of accessories for customised installations

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Combat Heating Solution’s continuous improvement program is driven by a team of Research and Development Engineers dedicated to providing products that meet and exceed industry standards.

Combat Warm Air Heating

All Combat products are ERP LOT20 compliant, underscoring their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Combat Warm Air Heating

Why Choose Combat Heating Solutions from ABGO?

Choosing Combat’s Warm Air Heating systems from ABGO means opting for innovative technology, reliable performance, professional service and support.

Made in the UK, these systems provide economical and practical heating solutions for various industrial and commercial environments.

Together, we are committed to providing unparalleled heating solutions that deliver comfort, efficiency, and reliability to our customers.

For more information on Combat Heating Solutions and to explore Commercial Warm Air, visit ABGO.

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